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Civil vs Criminal Contempt in North Carolina

Criminal Contempt Criminal contempt is used as a punishment when a person disobeys or otherwise violates a court order,…

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Structured Sentencing in North Carolina | How Much Time Am I Looking At?

Structured Sentencing came into effect for all offenses committed on or after October 1, 1994. Before this was introduced,…

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Will I Lose My Driver’s License If I Get Charged With BWI?

Since we’re right in the middle of summer, I know that a lot of folks will be out and…

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The Horse, The Bicycle, And The Lawnmower

A question I get sometimes from clients is “Can I be charged with D.W.I. in North Carolina while riding…

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Man Spends 2 Years In Jail For Drunk Driving Arrest; Never Sees A Judge

Some days, I have trouble believing this type of thing can happen in the United States of America. Many…

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State v. Otto

The North Carolina Court of Appeals seems to be standing by there earlier ruling in State v. Fields with…

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