Winston-Salem Child Support Modification Lawyer

Winston-Salem Child Support Modification Attorney

Child support can be modified or adjusted at any time if there is a substantial change of circumstances. For example, sometimes people lose their job, and thus look to reduce their child support obligation. That is usually a valid reason for modification, unless that person is voluntarily under-employed. If for some reason they take a job that pays less, because they are trying to get out of child support obligations, the court is going to be unfavorable to that person, and will not usually reduce support.

If, however, something is beyond a person’s control – such as that they were laid off – and they took what job they could find, then a court may actually give them the reduction since income plays a very substantial role in determining what amount of child support someone has to pay.

Who Ultimately Decides The Custody And Visitation Schedule?

Only the parents, or the district court trial judge can decide custody, and visitation schedules. Either the parents can agree, or the district court judge will tell them what is going to happen after hearing the facts

How Do You Help Your Clients To Remain Focused In A Divorce Or A Family Law Case?

You must be able to manage people’s expectations in a divorce case. When families split up, there are so many consequences; we just try to make the transition as smooth and painless as possible. I have had clients become highly emotional while sitting beside me in hearings. They aren’t aware, in such moments, that they’re actually harming their own case. On occasion, I’ve even had to calmly look at them, and tell them in stern language, to be quiet.

Instead, I suggest they write down anything that they feel is important for me to know. Keeping an air of decorum in court is usually more important than shouting “Liar!” at your ex-spouse’s best friend. So, as the family law attorney, you just have to manage those expectations of what they may hear in a trial situation. The client needs to deal with it properly, because outbursts are not going to be tolerated, and judges do not take well to any kind of facial expressions, even. This is something that I address with every client.

What Sets You Apart As A Family Law Attorney?

I am a trial lawyer who also tries many criminal cases; cases which involve cross-examining police officers and others accustomed to testifying in court on a regular basis – I have an edge in family law court that other lawyers may be missing. Police officers are better than your average person when it comes to giving in court testimony.

Most people get nervous when they are on the stand. The process of getting on the stand, having to answer questions about your personal life and things are hard for most people. And I know how to take apart lies on the stand, how to tear down the credibility of an unreliable witness, because of my significant trial experience.

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