Sex crime charges must be taken seriously and dealt with swiftly. If you are charged with a sex crime in North Carolina, do not discuss your case with anyone except an experienced Winston-Salem sex crimes attorney at LAWSMITH, the Law Offices of J. Scott Smith.

If the police want to question you about a sex crime, politely exercise your right to remain silent. You must have your lawyer present for any questioning. At LAWSMITH, we are experienced in handling sex crime investigations. We’ll find the truth and advocate aggressively on your behalf.


Sex crime allegations are often based on misunderstandings or on complete fabrications. A good Winston-Salem sex crimes attorney will determine what actually happened and will bring your case to its best possible conclusion.

If you are arrested and charged with a sex crime – or even if you haven’t been arrested, but you are under investigation – it’s imperative to put your case in the hands of a trustworthy attorney as quickly as possible. Your future and your freedom will hang in the balance.

What Cases Do We Handle At Lawsmith?

At LAWSMITH, the Law Offices of J. Scott Smith, we represent clients who are charged with sex crimes in North Carolina that include but are not limited to:

  1. Sexual battery
  2. Rape and statutory rape
  3. Prostitution and solicitation
  4. Internet-related sex crime charges
  5. Possession and distribution of child pornography

What Constitutes Sexual Battery In North Carolina?

Any type of sexual contact with another person that is against that person’s will constitutes sexual battery in the state of North Carolina. A first offense is a Class A1 misdemeanor punishable upon conviction up to a year in custody.

Sexual battery is often confusing and misunderstood. If you are charged with this crime, you must be represented by a defense attorney who routinely handles similar cases – and knows how to get to the truth.

What If The Charge Against You Was Fabricated?

If you are falsely accused, remember that you are legally innocent until and unless the state can prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If the charge against you cannot be dismissed, you have the right to a trial, where your defense lawyer will ask jurors to return a not guilty verdict.

If the evidence that you committed a sex crime is conclusive – and a conviction is certain – the best defense move may be a plea bargain for reduced or alternative sentencing. At LAWSMITH, every case receives the complete and personalized attention that our clients deserve.

What Kind Of Sentence Can A Sex Offender Expect To Receive?

Sentencing for sex crime convictions is quite complicated in this state. The precise nature of the crime, the ages of the victim and the offender, the use of force or a deadly weapon, the victim’s ability to consent, and the offender’s prior convictions are all considered prior to sentencing.

Make no mistake. The most serious sex crime convictions can send an offender in North Carolina to prison for life. And even if the charge against you is somewhat less serious, you’ll have to have a good defense attorney help you clear your name – or argue for leniency.


If you are charged with a sex crime in the Winston-Salem or Greensboro area, call LAWSMITH at once at 336-306-8644, or complete the contact form here on our website, and we will respond promptly.

We are located in Greensboro at 204 Muirs Chapel Road, Suite 104, and in Winston-Salem at 250 Executive Park Boulevard, Suite 100. If you are arrested for a sex crime – or suspected of a sex crime, do not wait. Make the call now.