Burglary Lawyer

In North Carolina, Burglary is defined at common law.  Burglary in Greensboro MUST occur at night.  First-Degree Burglary is distinguished from Second-Degree Burglary by whether or not the dwelling was actually occupied by another person when the breaking occurred.  Burglary is a very serious crime that can lead to a hefty prison sentence.  The attorneys […]

Juvenile Lawyer

No parent or guardian is really prepared to get that call that the child they love and care for has been arrested.  You may feel helpless, but the best thing you can do for your child and their future is to immediately contact a trusted Criminal Defense attorney.  What Do You Do if Your Child […]

Theft Lawyer

Finding yourself under investigation for a theft is an unnerving situation.  With the list of offenses that fall under theft, being prosecuted for charges could range from a misdemeanor to a felony.  You need a trusted attorney to defend your rights and understand the charges that are being brought against you. If you’ve been arrested […]

Juvenile Lawyer

We understand you may be upset, ashamed even, but mostly you are afraid for your child’s life.  Your child is under suspicion or has been arrested and is now facing criminal charges.  This is an unthinkable situation.  If convicted, even for a minor crime, a criminal record can follow your child for the rest of […]

Drug Attorney

As Winston-Salem continues to grow, so has the incentive to prosecute Drug Crimes.  You have the power to take immediate action to protect yourself, your rights, and your future when facing the severity of a Drug Crimes charge. LAWSMITH, the Law Offices of J. Scott Smith, PLLC, are ready to help protect your rights as […]

Theft Lawyer

Are you under investigation for Theft in Winston-Salem? The umbrella term of Theft covers a myriad of offenses, with equally varying consequences.  When it comes to theft crimes, there are various factors that determine the penalties you face. Our legal team understands the nuances between the various crimes and the varying degrees of punishment.  You […]

Drug Lawyer

With High Point police operating initiatives to reduce Drug Crimes, there comes an increase in charges.  While charges vary with the severity of the offense, a conviction for a Drug Crime can carry severe penalties that range from fines, probation, mandatory treatment courses and even  jail or prison time. Your immediate priority should go to […]

Assault Attorney

Protect Yourself from Severe Criminal Penalties Assault and battery are serious crimes, and North Carolina law uses the terms interchangeably and most frequently uses just the term assault to apply to both. This is not true in all cases because some crimes require both elements to be present. This crime can be charged as a […]

Drug Lawyer

Greensboro is considered to be one of the best places to live in North Carolina.  In order to keep that prestigious status, there is an incentive to reduce Drug Crimes by increasing the charges.  If you are being investigated or charged with Drug Crimes you could be facing severe penalties including jail time, costly fines […]

Juvenile Crimes

Protecting Your Child from Criminal Charges Has your child been arrested? Are they now facing criminal charges? If so, it is important to know that you have to act fast in order to protect their rights and their future. A conviction for even a minor crime can follow your child around for the rest of […]