What Components Constitute A Viable Alienation Of Affection Case?

The solid cases involve emails when we talk about viability in an alienation of affection case. If you have copies of emails, remember cell phone companies do not keep text messages, but the phones will still have the emails stored, and if you can pull this information from the phone, and go through it. If […]

Evidence & Witnesses

We have a team of private investigators that gathers evidence for each case, including witnesses, if there are any. I am always looking for information that our investigators can sift through. For example, emails, text messages, and a multitude of other platforms. People observe affairs all the time, and they just do not talk about […]

Alienation Of Affection

Alienation of affection in North Carolina is different from what most people think it is. In some other states, many people assume that alienation of affection is akin to parental alienation. In North Carolina, it is a tort that is established to allow recovery for a plaintiff who has had the affections of his spouse […]

North Carolina Family Law

No one wants to think that when they get married or begin a family, they will need to worry about any legal issues surrounding that decision. Prenuptial agreements, divorce, and certainly child custody are the last things from most newlyweds’ minds. Unfortunately, these are issues that thousands of individuals must face each year, despite the […]

Child Custody Lawyer

Child custody is arguably the most emotional thing that a couple has to deal with upon separation. An attorney can help you to understand the laws regarding child custody, and how to petition for custody of your child if you wish to do so. Who Will Be Granted Custody in the Event of a Separation […]

Child Support Lawyer

Next to child custody in terms of contentious and important family law matters is the issue of child support. The state of North Carolina believes that both parents have an equal duty to contribute to the welfare of their child; as such, the non-custodial parent is typically ordered to pay child support to the custodial […]

Divorce Lawyer

Nobody looks forward to hiring a divorce lawyer, but you need to protect your rights. When you get married, the last thing that you want to think about is getting divorced. But for many, getting divorced is the best option for both parties. That being said, divorce is a complex legal process, as well as […]