The consequences of a DWI conviction in North Carolina can go beyond the merely legal penalties. You’ll need an experienced Winston-Salem DWI defense attorney at LAWSMITH to help you deal with – or possibly even avoid – those consequences.

The legal penalties alone for a DWI conviction in this state can be daunting. A DWI sentence can include time behind bars, a steep fine, years on probation, court-ordered alcohol or substance abuse treatment, and a driver’s license suspension. And unfortunately, that’s only the beginning.

What Are The “extra-legal” Consequences Of A Dwi Conviction?

Apart from the criminal penalties, a DWI conviction will substantially raise your auto insurance rates, and you may never again pay the rate that you’re paying now. If you drive for a living or if driving is part of your work, you may have difficulty holding your job or finding another one.

If you hold a professional license in North Carolina, that license could be suspended or revoked after a DWI conviction. You could lose the confidence and trust of friends, family members, colleagues, and neighbors, and you’ll have a criminal record that shows a conviction.

Here’s What You May Not Have Considered About A Dwi Conviction

The cost of driving while impaired is simply far too high. Consider, for example, the price that you’ll pay to ride routinely in taxicabs if your license is suspended because of a DWI conviction. Riding in taxicabs for a few months – or several years – is an expense that no one wants to pay.

That’s only one consideration. If you are arrested for DWI after having a prior DWI, your vehicle will probably be towed and impounded. Some storage lots charge high daily fees and may even be allowed to auction your vehicle once certain conditions are met. It’s another of the many DWI “consequences” that are rarely considered – until you have to deal with it personally.

You should also consider the costs of vehicle repairs, the possibility of being sued by injury victims or wrongful death survivors, and the income that you will lose while you’re absent from work because of injuries or court appearances.


Who can help if you are charged with DWI in the Winston-Salem or Greensboro area? Call an experienced Winston-Salem DWI defense attorney at LAWSMITH, the Law Offices of J. Scott Smith. We’ve established a reputation for excellence in the field of DWI law, and we’re ready to represent you.

What’s the best way to avoid the consequences – both legal and extra-legal – of a DWI conviction? Clearly, the wise choice is simply to never drink and drive. Take a taxi or a bus, call a ride service, or if you trust a friend as a designated driver, let your friend drive.

Even getting a room for the night or sleeping over at a friend’s beats a night in jail – or a ride to the emergency room or the morgue. An Uber or a taxicab may cost a few dollars, but it’s far less than you’ll spend if you are charged with or convicted of DWI in this state.


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