At LAWSMITH, the Law Offices of J. Scott Smith, we understand that the custody of your child is the most important part of your divorce. You must have an experienced Winston-Salem child custody attorney fighting hard for you, your child or children, and your rights.

In most divorces, both parents want time with their children and a say in the decisions that will affect their children’s lives. Finding solutions that satisfy everyone is often a challenge, but it’s a challenge that we routinely handle at LAWSMITH.


The parent who lives with a child has “physical custody.” Legal custody is the right to make decisions on a child’s behalf regarding matters like education and medical care.

Typically in a divorce, one parent will take physical custody of a child, and the other parent is granted visitation. One parent may have sole legal custody of a child, but in other cases, the parents may share joint legal custody.

If divorcing parents can reach a custody agreement out-of-court, it must be court-approved, and it probably will be approved provided that the agreement is comprehensive with clear and specific terms and conditions.

What If The Parents Cannot Agree Regarding A Child’s Custody?

If no agreement between the parents is possible regarding a child’s custody, a North Carolina family court will issue a child custody order based on what the court believes is the child’s best interests.

An experienced Winston-Salem child custody attorney at LAWSMITH, the Law Offices of J. Scott Smith, will see to it that the child custody agreement or custody order in your case protects your child and protects your rights and goals as a parent.


Every child in North Carolina – adopted children as well as those born in or outside of a marriage – has the fundamental legal right to support from both parents. In this state, either parent may be ordered by the family court to pay child support after a divorce.

An order for child support payments is neither a punishment nor a penalty. When a parent is ordered to pay child support, that order is simply a recognition of the parent’s responsibility.

If you expect a dispute over child custody or child support, or if you are not receiving child support payments ordered by the court and you need to have a child support order enforced, call LAWSMITH at once.

What Happens When You Contact Lawsmith?

You’ll be able to speak with an experienced Winston-Salem child custody and child support attorney who can handle your case and advocate effectively for you and your children.

Nothing is a higher priority than your children, their future, and your relationship with them. When you divorce or deal with a child support dispute, you must be represented by an attorney you trust – someone who can effectively address your concerns about your child or children.

Every LAWSMITH client is treated with full respect and is extended every possible professional courtesy. Our legal team promptly responds to every client phone call and email. We help parents understand their options, and we stay in touch with you about developments in your case.

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