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Case Results

Case Results

DISCLAIMER: The cases listed below are illustrative of matters handled by the firm. Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

State v. R.L. – Client charged with DWI. Motion to dismiss for no reasonable suspicion allowed.


State v. C.W. – Client charged with DWI stopped at roadblock. Officer unavailable.


State v. S.M. – Client charged with Communicating a Threat and 2nd Degree Trespass


State v. L.M. – Client charged with DUI / DWI


State v. R.M. – Client charged with speeding and D.W.I.

Result: Case DISMISSED

State v. B.R. – Client charged with Driving While License Revoked.

Result: Motion allowed; case dismissed

State v. R.B. – Client had a pending 14 year old DWI and Driving While License Revoked charges

Result: Dismissed

State v. J.W. – Client charged with possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, etc.

Result: Dismissed at the close of State’s case

State v. H.M. – Client has accident and hits police car. Client is arrested for D.W.I.


State v. S.L. – Client stopped at a road block. Client charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drugs.

Result: Case DISMISSED; Motion to Suppress Allowed

State v. S.B. – Client charged with Driving after Consuming Under 21

Result: Case DISMISSED

State v. C.M. – Client charged with DWI in a public vehicular area

Result: Case DISMISSED

State v. J.C. – Client charged with four counts of 1st degree sex offense with child and two counts of Statute

Results: Guilty plea to two misdemeanors no jail no registry

State v. C.H. – Client stopped for running a stop light. All 3 SFSTs and other tests were given roadside. Client was charged with DWI.


State v. K.K. – Client charged with DWI. Motion to suppress on the arrest for lack of probable cause granted.

Result: Case Dismissed

State v. D.S. – Client charged with DWI and hit and run.

Result: Case Dismissed.

T.L. v. State – CDL civil revocation hearing for DWI.

Result: Civil Revocation Rescinded

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